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Quality Delivered Globally
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Quality delivered globally
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Quality delivered globally
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Quality delivered globally
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Quality delivered globally
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In our increasingly competitive world, attaining success depends on a deliberate recognition and measurement of the external and internal risk-value factors affecting your company in the mid-long term. After the financial crisis partly driven by the lack of accurate risk assessment in valuation practices, institutional investors (Private Equities, Family Offices, etc) need to assess value and risk with more advanced methodologies and from an independent point of view.

Consequently, investors started to favour and select projects / companies with Entrepreneurs  who previously worked on an advanced independent valuation and fully understand the risks involved in illiquid asset class investments.

Additionally, Independent Valuations are a must to avoid Entrepreneurial subjective expectations which generates a wide gap between sellers’ and buyers’ price estimations and as a consequence many deals are rejected or unsuccessful after longer and more costly due diligences


Our Main Sectors

Our major sectors include but are not limited to the following


Private Equity

Our advanced valuations can offer independence and at the same time provide private equities with the tools for decision making

Oil and Gas

We offer many services to support the decision making process of the oil and gas sector

Renewable Energy

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Bio Technology

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Food and Beverage

Our advanced Monte Carlo based techniques allow us to deliver strategic, economic and risk modelling solutions as well as advanced quantitative approaches,

Pharmaceutical Industry

We offer many services to support the decision making process of the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry during all its stages of development

High Quality Products & Services

Advance Valuation

For Investors looking for an independent valuation including the future potential of the company. It is also for businesses committed to protect and create value.It is also for businesses committed to protect and create value.

Impact Valuation

This Special Service Includes all the items listed for the standard Valuation and strategic Valuation. In addition, this sector brings the “Environmental and Social Impact” as an extra dimension.

Advanced Financial and Risk Modelling

For Private Equities, Companies, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CROs, and analysts needing support in the elaboration of advanced Monte Carlo based stochastic models aimed at managing business variables and risks at a much deeper level.


Integrated Reporting

For Companies, Shareholders and Stakeholders looking to monitor and create long term value by measuring the variables in all the dimensions of the business which go beyond traditional financial reporting. 

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