BVInt’s Innovative Approach: Advanced Valuations with stochastic risk assessments based on macro economy, market, strategy, technology, operative and financial drivers (as shown in the figure below).

Our Process: Identify both external and internal risk-value drivers and assess them using advanced probabilistic analysis.

BVInt’s Stochastic Model⁽¹⁾: Risk-value variables are subject to volatility driven by both history and strategic studies.

Systematic and not Systematic Risk: Using Risk Palisade (Monte Carlo Simulations), we are not only able to measure unsystematic or diversifiable risks (represented by WACC and beta) but also non-diversifiable risks (systematic risk) involved in the business. In this way, we are able to show the probable flow of the business detailing the impact of each driver.

Risk Mapping:

  1. Identify and assess all value and risk drivers including. External Drivers: Macro Economy and Market; Internal  Drivers: Strategy, Technology, Operative, Financials, etc,
  2. Build a “Cause & Effect” risk-value map flow

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