Our Valuation Service is for investors (private equity, strategic investors, private investors, family offices, M&A agencies, etc.), looking for an independent valuation and advice in assessing future strategies and risks.

Our valuation service and professional advice are the key elements to approach a professional investor and capture his attention.

The best-managed organisations increasingly recognise that information is the most valuable strategic asset. BVInt provides the information and value creation plan by identifying market and strategic opportunities.

The process of recovery and investment in a turnaround is based on the assessment of the situation in terms of markets, competitors, strategy, risk and value. As consequences, a value creation plan is defined and presented it to potential investors.

Our approach measures advanced risk indicators like Kurtosis, Skewness and Standard Deviation of any illiquid asset class investment. These indicators give us the complete picture of an investment risk profile (systematic and unsystematic risk) and allow us to find the most efficient portfolio in terms of skewness, kurtosis and standard deviations.

Some of our clients

Renewable Energy Group (Germany) Commercial Bank (UK & Malta) Group / Holding (China) Private Equity Consulting (UK)
Digital Marketing / Big Data (UK)
Boutique Hotel (Italy)
Clean Energy (India) Pharmaceuticals (Colombia) Healthcare (UK) Private Equity Consulting (UK)
Energy (Argentina) Energy (UK / Norway)
Food (Italy) Information Technology (India) Clean Energy (Italy)– Start up Consulting Company (Swiss) – Valued its clients Private Equity (Swiss) – Valued Portfolio Companies  Fertilizers (Mexico)
Private Equity (Swiss) – Valued Portfolio Companies Healthcare (Italy) Food (China) Biotech (USA) Mining Group Switzerland Financial Services (USA)
Lithium Mine (Chile) Agro Tech (Etiopia) Software (USA) Investment Bank (Bahamas) Asset Management Switzerland Real Estate (Argentina)
Satellite Broadband (Mexico) Oil (Russia) Wine & Beverages (Italy) Biotech (Italy)
Five Stars Luxury Hotel (Uruguay)
Private Equity (Hong Kong / Dubai)