Advanced Valuation

For Investors looking for an independent valuation including the future potential of the company. It is also for businesses committed to protect and create value:

I. We identify and assess value-risk drivers affecting the company / project,

II. We prepare a risk-value map and help you to define the best communication approach for potential investors,

III. As an output of the previous steps we elaborate a realistic and detailed forecast.

IV. Risk-return trade-off assessment: (Is the company underperforming? Why?)

V. We work on a value creation plan and presentation,

VI. We assess the fair value of the company but at same time we make sure that the full potential of the company is well demonstrated in the presentation,

VII. We deliver a complete Valuation Report with our remarks and recommendations.

VIII. Meetings are held by video conference with HQ and/or with the Regional Partner.

Income Approach

Our Preferred Method

Multiple Period and single Period Discounted Cash Flow

Allows to explicitly model return and operating assumptions

Can Accommodate advanced simulations techniques such as Monte Carlo

Market Approach

With the use of our Databases we can always find good comparables in terms of sector, size and region

However, this methods present some problems and we only use i t as reasonableness check for Income approach results

Asset Approach

Adjust Book Value

Liquidation Value

Also used to value GP or Holding entities in the invesment company structure that are not allocated fee income such as (carried interests)

Option Pricing Models

It assesses the best time to undertake certain business initiatives, such as deferring, abandoning, expanding, staging, or contracting a capital investment project. This technique is very common when one value driver has a high level of volatility through time.

Advanced Strategic Valuation

For Investors and Companies needing to identify opportunities and have a deeper analysis of the future potential of the company. We will tell you where you are and why and where you could be and how:

I.Analysis: Macroeconomic Factors, Market, Industry, Financials, Strategy , Competitors, Internal Operations, Technology, etc,

II.Product and industry trends,

III.Performance benchmarking using our Industry databases,

IV.Identify and assess all specific risk-value drivers,

V.Risk-return trade-off assessment: (Is the company underperforming? Why?),

VI.Elaboration of risk-value mapping with value creation plan,

VII.Forecasts and value assessment showing present value, restructuring opportunity value, financial opportunity value, strategic opportunity value and synergic value,

VIII.Recommendations for future strategy,

IX.We work together side by side in defining a business plan,

X.As a consequence, we deliver a 360° strategic valuation report covering all business internal and external variables.

XI.Intense interaction with the client. Meetings are held via video conference with HQ and/or Regional Partners, or our HQ specialist might travel to the location.


Renewable / Clean energy valuation

This Special Service Includes all the items listed for the standard Valuation and strategic Valuation. In addition, this sector brings the “Environmental and Social Impact” as an extra dimension to the traditional ones, risk and return:

I.We assess the value and the risk of the Impact by identifying and measuring all the drivers involved like reductions in the CO₂ emissions, Labour increase and many others.

II.We assess risk and value by studying the drivers present in each stage of development of the project defined as: Installed capacity, Non-installed capacity and Capacity in early-stage pipeline

III.We also focus our valuation on in analysing: Technologies, Weather, Subsidies and Incentives, Regulatory Stability, etc

We offer free services

We provide different types of Webinars and Demos:

  • Valuation and Risk Webinars
  • Demos showing how we work including cases
  • Demo showing our systems and tools

By your side, every step of the way

“we will not simply offer our valuation services in a report and expect you to enact them. We will be at your side, offering expert guidance to be able to implement your strategic plan to boost the value of your company. We don’t want to be only your consultants but also your partners with the same goals”

Follow up service

I.We follow up and monitor the value creation plan.

Additional services

I.We help you to identify the right investor/partner and we support you in the whole process of approaching and presentation.

II.Customized Valuation Courses and Coaching

Our jv partners complement our work with the following services

I.Contact with Strategic Investors or Financial Investor (more than 5,000 investors).

II.Company Internationalization: Go Beyond your Borders!.

III.Interim Management.

IV.Many other financial services: Debt (short term, long term, bonds, etc) MBO, LBO, IPO and BIMBO operations. Generation Change, Turnarround, Growth Capital Management, Private Equity Experts, Family Offices, etc.

V.International tax advisors